Monday, July 20, 2009

Rest in Peace...Mr Teoh

Being a Malaysian , I feel terribly disturbed by the recent incident involving the death of Mr Teoh Beng Huat. Whatever reasons behind the death, the incident somehow had diminished even further rakyat confidence to the so (photo from Malaysiakini)
called law enforcement agencies. This has also put the credibility of the government under a microscope. Of late, few incidents involving law enforcement agencies such as the death of Mr Kugan, left unanswered. And this has raised so much questions whether we are safe in our own backyard.

The government with such credibility should buckle up and need to complete the investigation fast . If not , I think rakyat should show them the door out. Do not patronize rakyat with excuses and politicize the incident anymore. We are not that stupid to swallow everything laid down by the corrupted news agencies. Lastly, I hope all the rakyat realize that they can make a change.....and we should hasten the change before its too late to do so.

To the family of Mr Teoh, hope they are strong to go through such predicament and rest assured that all of us are behind them.

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