Monday, July 13, 2009

Umno as Usual

Yesterday, Julai 12 2009, in an attempt to capture more votes Muhyiddin, who is Umno deputy president, told the remote constituency’s 12,293 voters that should they back Barisan Nasional on Tuesday, they would get a 300-metre bridge connecting Manek Urai Baru and Manek Urai Lama in Kuala Krai.

“We can build it (the bridge), insya'allah, but there is a condition. It is easy - all you need to do is to ‘pangkah’ (vote), but you must vote for BN. If not, there would not be any new bridge. If you want the bridge, vote BN,” Muhyiddin said. ( Malaysiakini)

It’s so funny to hear such remarks from a higher paid civil servant. It is quite understandable if it was coming from JKKP or local Umno Divisional Chief. But to hear it from Deputy PM, means a lot to the whole community. Are we stupid enough just to ignore this kind of statement made by a so called elected Deputy PM ? Aren’t the Kelantanese suffered enough with all the predicament they gone through for the past 20 years knowing the fact that due to their matured political choice of having PAS as the ruling party, causing them their rights to development? This kind of statement just make a lot of people feels more and more disgust towards Umno.

The Kelantanese also are the income tax payers, they also contributed to the country development since Merdeka regardless of their political beliefs. Having said so, why in the world such decision made by DPM? Umno as Usual has shown to the whole world who they really are. Their actions clearly prove to be un professional at all. Being an Umno leader, regardless of their origin, even if they are from Kelantan itself, they would do the same, only being a leader to those who supported them. Seems like they have the utmost right to the taxpayersmoney and could do whatever they like with the money.

Enough is Enough!! Are we willing to sacrifice once again and succumb to Umno wrongdoings? Don’t we want to see changes made by showing Umno the door out? Let us be reasonable to our future generations. Let us be the one who step up and show them we mean business and there is no place for corrupted government from now on.

PRK Manik Urai is just another example of Umno as Usual being a party, which will never uphold the true democracy spirits. PAS on the other hand offers a clean government by upholding Islamic teachings at all time. Wallahualam….

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