Tuesday, January 5, 2010

F-5E ..Top Rank Officers Cleared

The Attorney General Abdul Gahani Patail has brushed of any involvement of Air Force top rank officers in the missing F-5E engines worth RM 100 million yesterday. After thorough investigation, the attorney general found there was no concrete evidence to indict or relate the scandal to any top rank officers. The missing engines rocked the Najib government recently and most of the people suggested the involvement of major stakeholders especially higher position officers as it was quite or rather impossible for those without connections could possibly pulled out such big transactions. After all, it was said to be mere impossible to do such thing without a proper and thorough planning and executions and must know the engines and details transactions well.

Added to that Abdul Ghani stressed that only lower rank personals involved and actions will be taken against those suspected as soon as possible. The possibility of covering up the issue surfaced recently as the engines were stolen in late December 2007 and only confirmed by the military in mid May 2008 and was only made public 2 years after discovery. The AG, however, did not disclose how many people are being questioned by the police or how many would be prosecuted. He did say that some civilians were also being investigated adding several customs officers could also be involved.

The spirit of 'Malaysia Boleh' seems to play an important role in this scam as those lower ranks also could pull of such a big case like this. To bring out 2 engines worth RM100 million through proper channel and managed to prepare required documents without leaving any traces for the past 2 years was a remarkable effort considering it done by those lower ranks personals. Malaysian should feel relief to know that only lower ranks were affected in this scam and if not we might loose more than RM 100 million then?

Did Attorney General being honest to all Malaysian and dare enough to fully published or revealed this investigation? For us, to pull such a big scam that tarnishing the Malaysian Army reputation and Malaysian government was not that simple and there might be a bigger fish involved ?.

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