Friday, December 4, 2009

You Be The Judge ...

Recently most of the pro Umno/BN bloggers started the attack on TGNA credibility as Menteri Besar of Kelantan. The attack mainly to undermine TGNA reputation ending up by the demonstration held by a group called Jemaah Rakyat Prihatin Kelantan....pressuring him to step down as Kalantan MB. Demonstration being held after TGNA requesting Kelantanese to pray for Prime Minister Najib to revert his decision of not giving the deserved 'Wang Royalti' instead of 'Wang Ehsan' to Kelantan or else may ALLAH destroyed Najib's future. At the same time attacked on TGNA has been taken place by the pro Umno medias all over the country. Media seemed to be waiting such opportunities to blast all their amunitions against TGNA connering him on the 'Doa' against the Prime Minister.

However, the Kelantanese on Friday stood up firmly against the attacked and backed up behind TGNA solidly. Thousands of people stormed the street of Kota Bharu rallying behind Husam Musa showing termendous support for TGNA as Kelantan MB. The Rakyat from different background, from all races came in voluntarily showing their full support to TGNA. Wearing headband written ...'We Love Tuan Guru ', 3 major ethnic backgrounds which are the Chinese , Indians and Malays showing the world their solidarity will be the force that BN need to face in PRU 13.

The support shown by the Rakyat to TGNA proved that they are not easily fooled by the media and all the so called stories created by Umno to tarnish TGNA reputation. The simple life that TGNA gone through for the past 20 years as Kelantan MB is enough for the rakyat to reject any dirty tactics to ruin TGNA reputation. Instead they walked down the street chanting Najib to step down as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

To Umno/BN and the rest of people who think they can easily ruin TGNA reputation by exploiting the media, think again, as the rakyat know how to differentiate the truth. And InsyaAllah, the Rakyat will continue to support TGNA and Pakatan Rakyat facing Umno/BN in PRU 13 later.

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