Friday, October 9, 2009

Umno Legacy


Umno/BN after 52 years of long service to the people of Malaysia has becoming more and more corrupt than ever. Started of brilliantly and diplomatically , the first PM , Tunku Abdul Rahman managed to persuade the majority and gained independent for Malaya back then. After that came along Tun Abdul Razak, who through people friendly approached, led the people to another level and Malaysia had gained respect from neighboring countries in the region. Neighboring countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Philippine envied Malaysia as one of the well managed countries despite of multiple ethnics diversity.

Not much to talk about the third PM , Tun Hussein Onn, who quietly appointed but blatantly ousted by his predecessor Tun Mahathir Mohammad.The infamous Tun Mahathir, brought Malaysia to the current stage right now, filled with corruption, nepotism and cronyism. In his era of 22 years in power, dictatorship bloomed to the extend of most of the opposition could not express their voice freely without ending up in Kamunting Jail either under ISA or OSA ordinance. ISA was widely used and without hesitation from the authority, lots of people suffered miserably due to this draconian law. And during hie era also, we saw the NEP was used to ensure scores of people closed to the government especially Umno members gained lots of governments' contracts and projects. Lots of Ali Babas were borned through this unfair distribution of wealth.

Came along the so called Mr Clean, Tun Abdullah..and through his short stint as the 5th PM , nothing special happen except we saw another group of Malays became fast millionaires. Lots of direct grant of contracts and projects were given to cronies and friends from BN component parties. RM 60 billion from Petronas were granted to the Abdullah's management since 2004 but the people got nothing out of it except were shocked from so many scandals including the recent PKFZ money laundering.

This legacy continues with the appointment of Najib as the latest PM for 1Malaysia. The appointment started off with a bang including the Altantuya controversial murder case. And as usual, Najib also proved to behave like most of former PMs , afraid of losing the power to the opposition and started to squeeze the opposition through corrupted judiciaries and with the help of SPRM.

Can Pakatan Rakyat outsmarts BN in 2013 General Elections ?

Sad to say , until today believe it or not , there are still number of Malaysians feel that Umno and BN are the right owner of Malaysia and only them deserve to rule Malaysia. Hope the Bagan Pinang by elections will prove them wrong with the Pakatan Rakyat success of capturing the seat or reducing the majority significantly...InsyaAllah.

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