Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Liability ?

Recent comments by Prof Aziz Bari on Pas President was uncalled for.... To label the President Pas as sole liability to Pakatan Rakyat on the upcoming PRU 13 cannot be acceptable at all considering the amount of all the hard work done by the TGHA for the past years.

Pas has groomed under his leadership and recognized throughout Malaysia and even the whole world. Pas under his leadership has begun to be acceptable by the non Muslim community. Pas under TGHA transformed to a better PAS and begun to gain respect from coalition parties in Pakatan Rakyat and also from Umno. And it was unfair for Aziz Bari to criticise TGHA and put on all the blames on the President shoulder.

To indict TGHA solely on the loss of Trengganu to BN during the PRU 12 is not fair considering the other factors involved. Trengganu was very special to BN due to its oil reserved. As such, BN put extra efforts to secure the state including lots of undesirable actions during the elections ,even to the extend of extending the vote hours. And at some places, the rate of voters turned out to vote were above the par up until more than 99%.

Why in the mist of Pas party election, such remarks made by this prominent political analyst ? Or why Aziz seems to gear up his criticism now right after the PRN Sarawak ? However, we need not to entertain such political views and begin to retaliate considering the facts that everybody can has their own opinions.What matter the most are the party members perception , Pas members are matured enough to think and matured enough to make their own decision and need not to heed on other people views especially coming from an outsider.

Remember that under TGHA leadership, Pas had doubled up the Parliment seats , captured Kedah and secured Kelantan during the 2008 election. Aziz Bari might has his own opinions on TGHA, however, Pas members are the rightful owner to decide on this and Aziz Bari should reconsider his thoughts. Honestly, the timing to make such opinions or remarks especially before the party election is not called for........

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