Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hoax ?

1Najib vows to combat money politics in Umno by October with the proposed amendments to Umno constitution regarding party election. Reported in The Star today : The Umno president said the review of the party’s constitution, which would be done during the special general assembly in October, would see greater participation of grassroots members in the election of party leaders.

“This is crucial in making Umno more democratic and clean. Of utmost importance is not to give an opportunity for money politics to flourish and become part of Umno’s culture,” he said in his winding-up speech at the Pekan Umno Division meeting here yesterday.

He added : “What is saddening is that several candidates who are guilty have gotten away with it and this is why members feel that the system is unjust,” he said.

Don't you feel funny and quite rhetoric? Don't it sound familiar to us? Since the fourth PM took office in 1981 , he vowed the same thing also and after 22 years in office he ended loosing the so called battle miserably. The reason was because he practiced NATO .. No Action Talk Only. He introduced a slogan which was Bersih , Cekap dan Amanah. But during his reign, more and more corruption seems to flourish with the introduction of privatisation. He practiced nepotism , favouritism , cronyism and the rest of all the word ending with ism... you name it.

Then come the fifth PM , the infamous snoring Pak Lah...The name reflects ..and nothing was done during his short stint as Prime Minister. make thing worst , his son and son in law seemed to control everything and fast enough to become top 20 rich guy in Malaysia.

And now come along 1Najib , the most controversial of all PM even before becoming one. His record started with the famous RM 500 million commission deal on submarine and the death of Altantunya. He started with a wrong foot with the case of Ali Rustam, who was clearly found guilty and yet approved to maintain his post as Malacca Chief Minister. He aggressively attacked Pakatan Rakyat leaders thru MACC , and at the same time close his eyes on Umnos' leaders wrongdoings.

So , do you think this kind of leader would succeed in getting rid of corruptions in Umno and our country? What he need to do is to clear his name first !

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