Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rohaizat....A Typical Umno Leader

Being an Umno member, Rohaizat could not help himself from a typical and yet famous behaviour .... 'dishonesty'. Most of the people do not know who is En Rohaizat, however, after the Permatang pasir nomination, 1Malaysia got to know him. So well until to the extend of his wrongdoing and him being disbarred from practicing law.

Financial misconduct become so common among Umno member,hence, that they no longer see it as a factor in a candidate’s suitability. The party leaders who select and screen candidates must have known of this but still considered financial misconduct a trivial matter.

Common sense teaches us the the candidates we field for election must have a clean record because we are asking the public to place their confidence in him as their leader.Sadly Umno still feel that they can still bluff their way out of this issue and the people are stupid enough to ignore it and still vote for BN.

To En Rohaizat, wake up , we are not here to sacrifice our integrity or our future to those hands full of shit. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, are you qualified to represent us with all the wrongdoings you have done before ?

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