Sunday, August 23, 2009

Personal Attacks ???

It was so funny when the Umno leaders urged Pakatan to stop hitting on Rohaizat's personal issues.Since when Umno leaders behaving so righteous and so well behave regarding this. Don't they remember anything about launching personal attacks on Datuk Seri Anwar few months back? Don't they ever consider the implications to Anwars' personal life back then?

Nothing is personal when come to embezzlement. Nothing should be considered personal if got to do with money laundring. The people have the right to know the truth and they should have the priviledge to choose clean representative.If the soon to be leader was corrupted and at the same time had an affair with other woman, the people should know about this as the integrity of the leader is questionable.

For example, as a father, don't you want to know the background of your soon to be son in law? As a father don't you want to somehow know the history of your son in law personal life before you give your daughter to him ? If you think it is personal and not worth to damn it for him. But if better make sure he is out of the picture.

Looking at the scenario currently, the Permatang Pasir voters have to think twice if they still insist to elect Rohaizat as their representative. When come to August 25th , they need not to think anymore as clearly Ustaz Salleh Man is the right candidate to continue the Permatang Pasirs' economic and social improvements. By doing so, the voters will also send a strong signal to BN that they reject dishonest and corrupted leader.

Furthermore BN's tactics to woo voters are so racist and double standard against multiracial voters. In the Malay-dominated areas, Barisan Nasional are challenging incumbent PAS' religious credentials in view of its alliance with the secular DAP. But in contrast, BN's banners in the Chinese-dominated areas are accusing PAS of being overly religious.

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