Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crimes - Are We Safe ?

Recent public survey done by the Home Minister Department regarding public safety clearly shown the dissatisfaction of Malaysian citizen on public safety. According to the Home Ministry’s website, 97% of 6678 respondents to its poll said they did not feel safe due to the high crime rate. More than half of the respondents formed this opinion because they or their family members were victims of crime while 36% of the respondents were influenced by news about crime. Regarding a question whether the government has done enough to ensure the safety of the people, 95% of 6155 respondents felt otherwise.

Recent incidents have also somehow tarnishing the reputation even more. The unsettled Kugan’s case and the infamous death of Teoh Beng Heong while in SPRM custody clearly shown that we as ‘Rakyat’ deserved full explanation from the government in charged. No more hiding behind the bush . No more so called ‘delayed statement’ as it will be observed as created and scripted by the authority before published.

To make thing worst , ‘Mat Rempits’ and snatched thieves seem to championing our street nowadays. Everyday we are chocked with sad stories, incidents of citizens being robbed, incidents of home brutality and murders , incidents of rapes and so on seem to be the top stories and highlights of daily news. Seems like the sales of daily newspaper also shot up due to these kind of stories.

What has government could offer? Home Minister’s Datuk Hishammuddin, said focus would be on how to reduce street crimes, especially those could cause people unsafe in certain places. “What we want to do now is to seriously go down to the ground and identify where these crimes are taking place. Then we will decide how best to tackle the problem in the nearest future”. ( Star Online )
Hah ! Is it enough ? New Minister with the same old excuses. No doubt that we as citizens are expected to lend our hands to curb crimes…But with the current economic issues and with more and more people suffered from income shortage due to the increased price of common household items , we need to direct our attentions to how to meet our ‘ ends meet’ first. So do the criminals. Most of them divert to such activities for additional incomes. Old days, most of the criminals were unemployed , nowadays , skilled workers and even blue collar workers opt to become criminals. Clearly that the current Government need to work fast and need to put full attention in raising our economy back to the right track. Not simply come up with more slogans and more slogans only.

Furthermore , not to forget , we need to go back to the fundamentals of all the problems….the lack of Islamic Practices in our governance. For example , no efforts being made to reduce alcoholic beverages in this country. We declared ourselves as one of the most influential Islamic country in the world. We boasted as one of the country succeeded to become the most developed Islamic Country in the world. BUT , more and more pubs opened at almost every new housing estates in this country. More and more Muslims women involved in vice nowadays. More and more Muslims women became GRO , practicing free sex. BUT , still HUDUD laws were joked around by our ministers, Islamic law were clearly neglected by our own Muslims reps. Is this so called Islamic country ?

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Allah dah cakap 1400 tahun yang lepas.Sapa nak selamat jaga lah dan amal lah apa yang ada dalam Al Quran