Monday, August 3, 2009

Mo Money $ .... Mo Money $

Reported in the Star Online today was a devastating news to all Malaysian citizens particularly to the Sabahans. It was more devastated than the increase of H1N1 cases in Malaysia. Even when the death toll increased at 7 so far.

Star Online reported : Sabah assemblymen unanimously approved an approximately 66% increase in their monthly salaries , from RM 3,300 to RM 5,300. They also approved an increase of more than RM 1,000 for the Chief Minister and his cabinet ministers as well as for the State Assembly Speaker , assistant ministers and political secretaries.
The Bill was tabled by the Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister Datuk Radin Malleh, prompting the necessary moved was due to the higher cost of living.

While most of the people suffered income losses since the economic slow down early this year, with some of us sufferred as high as 15% pay cut . Not to mention thousands of people who loss their jobs and earnings, these Ministers somehow managed to walk their way out by increasing their own pay.

Are they naive or are they just simply don’t care ?? With the Hari Raya celebrated in two months time and other festives seasons around the corner, yet, this kind action was tabled and approved. Who dared to say otherwise when most of the assemblymen are from Barisan Nasional.

That’s why it is crucial to have check and balance in the government. Barisan Nasional won by a whopping majority in recent election. Barisan Nasional boasted with 59 out of 60 state seats in their bag for the 2008 general election. That is why, they can do whatever they like. Barisan Nasional will do whatever within their control to ensure and stay in power. They seem to be successful since we as ‘Rakyat’ allowed them to do so. While we are struggling to meet our own necessities, they happilly spent our income tax money.

Are we still not convinced with the mismanagement done by the Barisan Nasional state representatives all this while ?? Do we still want them to be our representative again in the state assembly?? Are we still not sure what to do come the next general election ??

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